Feb. 4, 2013

Inside: With Indiana's Sam Travis

Big Ten Preseason Coaches' Poll

Indiana is favorite in Big Ten


CollegeBaseballInsider.com surveyed college coaches around the country to preview the 2013 college baseball season by sharing their thoughts on the teams and players to watch in their conferences. CBI compiled their answers to provide insight on the upcoming season. click here for CBI Conference Previews


Today, we take a look at the Big Ten (nine of 11 coaches responded).

No change in membership from 2012


The team to beat: Indiana


The top starting pitchers: Jaron Long, Ohio State; Joey DeNato, Indiana; Steven Hill, Penn State


The top closer: Josh Dezse, Ohio State (right)


The pitcher you least want to face: Josh Dezse, Ohio State; David Garner, Michigan State


The most underrated pitcher: Brandon Magallones, Northwestern


The best defensive catcher: Joel Fisher, Michigan State; Matt Halloran, Minnesota; John Martinez, Michigan State


The best catcher arm: Joel Fisher, Michigan State


The best defensive infielder: Chad Christensen, Nebraska; Thomas Lindauer, Illinois


The best infield arm: Josh Scheffert, Nebraska


The best defensive outfielder: Patrick Biondi, Michigan


The best outfield arm: Michael O’Neill Michigan


The best pure hitters: Michael Pritchard, Nebraska (right); Sam Travis, Indiana; Michael O’Neill, Michigan


The biggest power threats: Sam Travis, Indiana; Chad Christensen, Nebraska; Michael O’Neill, Michigan


The hitter you least want to face: Sam Travis, Indiana


The toughest hitter to strike out: Mchael Pritchard, Nebraska


The most underrated hitter: Jordan Keur, Michigan State; Stephen Talbott, Purdue


The best baserunner: Patrick Biondi, Michigan


The best game coach: Jake Boss, Michigan State


The assistant coach most ready for a head-coaching job: Jeff Duncan, Purdue


(photos courtesy of OSU & NU Media Relations Offices)