Jon Mueller is entering his sixth season as head coach of the Great Danes. A year ago, Albany posted a program-best record of 37-14, including 14-7 in the America East Conference. Mueller, the 2004 America East Coach of the Year, will be checking in each week of the 2005 season.







April 21, 2005

Back Where I Come From


Kenny Chesney has a way with words, I hope we all agree on this one.


I witnessed Marist thumping the Danes for the second year in a row prior to the huge upcoming weekend with the Huskies from Northeastern. We have had their number for the first three years of the conference, and I was thinking it would remain the same.

Little did I know that they had a different plan.


Saturday was hot and sunny, I was hoping that the boys would have their pants up and ready.


Well, we gave away a lead late and split on Saturday. Sunday was a day of reckoning for our club, and hopefully we would be ready. We fell behind 7-0 before I could even blink, and the end looked bleak. The club gathered, and we found ourselves with a 10-9 lead going into the eighth. Two solo shots into the wind tunnel, and we were down to our last three outs. Northeastern got it done, and we went home losing two out of three to our conference foes.


I was in a little bit of shock but I had to pick up the group. Tuesday was Le Moyne and they are the class of the MACC so we needed to be ready.


A big 11-5 win and some much-needed offense for the boys got us ready for our non-league tilt with Holy Cross on Thursday.


This week in the conference marks the boys from the island.


STONY BROOK is my personal favorite, and I make no secret of that for the men in the clubhouse. They have been chattering about the boys on the island all week. The older guys tell the younger guys that this is the week which I sleep little. They have a way of getting the blood boiling, and I make it clear to the guys.


We are 2-4 and we need to get two out of three to make life a little easier on us the rest of the way.


Kenny says "In the town that I was raised, clocks tick and the cattle graze." This song permeated my mind as I watched the markers going through central New York. We had beaten a good team, and the boys were listening to stories about my pro travels. This is what really matters to the boys.


They want to know who you are. Not what is unrealistic, but what pays the bills. I was wondering about my little girl Marley, and how she drove my wife nuts all day. I was complaining about a 16-hour day, and it hit me that my wife had the little darlin’ for 24 HOURS??? No wonder she did not want to chatter about our big win.


I look forward to any challenge life brings me. I am the youngest of four boys, and we are so different, but so similar. My daddy walks with a cane but brings knowledge every time he opens his mouth. He has fought in a war, and lost a brother along the way. How lucky am I?? I sit on a bus as thousands of teenagers walk on the devils platform called war in a land they know little about.


I watched the Le Moyne coach's kids playing Wiffle ball with my nephew during the game, and it made me happy. He and I were at each other's throat, but they could care less. Remember, you need to pay attention to the 30th guy on your team if you want a champion. Talk is cheap - you can get it anywhere and create what you want. The guys know the deal don't fool yourself.


I look forward to Long Island, while I always cherish those closest to me. My wife, my family and friends, and my assistants.


Bottom line is "Where I'll be when its said and done....back where I belong…" In a little bitty town in upstate New York. Stillwater...


Great song, great lyrics...Better message for all of us.


Good Luck!!!




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