Jon Mueller is entering his sixth season as head coach of the Great Danes. A year ago, Albany posted a program-best record of 37-14, including 14-7 in the America East Conference. Mueller, the 2004 America East Coach of the Year, will be checking in each week of the 2005 season.







March 17, 2005

Opening Day is Here


I glanced on the thermometer hanging from the dash, and it read 39 this morning.


Upon arrival to the yard, I noticed small patches of dark grass behind second base rising to the surface. Mark and I even discussed placing the tarp upside down to increase the heat downward towards our 3 feet of frost underneath the surface. We came to the agreement, that it is better to let Mother Nature run her course.


Tomorrow we embark on a 10-day stretch where we will face many obstacles along the way. We begin with The Villanova tourney on Friday vs. St. Peter's. Saturday, we face Temple. Believe it or not, their head coach has coached 10 years longer than I have been breathing!!! Forty-five years!!! He is properly named Skip. I actually remember playing Temple back in 89 down in Florida.


Sunday brings another stiff challenge, Villanova.


We then continue south to one of the nicest facilities in the country, UNC Greensboro. That, my friends, is a palace. We have lost more than a couple one-run games to Mike Gaski's gang, and I am sure it will be a couple of real battles for the guys.


We end at Appy State for a three-game set before returning home for Easter.


We have had to go back to the gym for two weeks, and I think the team is ready to play anywhere at this point. We have lost nine games to the weather, and I have been driving anyone and everyone who will listen "NUTS" trying to pick up games. We have gotten two back, so I will continue to stay aggressive on the phone lines with schools.


The team will be giving the staff many answers this week regarding how well we have prepared them for battle. We have put the team in a variety of pressure-filled practice situations in order to ready them for the test on the horizon.


Looking forward to the bus ride and hopefully a VCR that is working. What a fortunate son I am to have the world in the palm of my hand (CCR favorite).


Heck, we are all so fortunate. Playing baseball, eating some junk food on the side without the wife barking at me and pretending I am 18 all over again. What a great ride I am on.


I hope for good weather, and baseball for all in the country. If you get a chance, take some time and thank your coach for giving you the chance to be part of the game of baseball. For some of us, it’s the only life we have ever known. High as a kite during the big "W," lower than the Mendoza line when we lose the one-run games. Remember - it’s the journey you take together that is remembered, not the finished product.


See you soon.




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(photo courtesy of Albany Media Relations Office)