Oct. 2, 2008


74 Former Division I Players on Postseason Rosters 


There are 74 former Division I players among the 200 major leaguers listed on postseason rosters.


The Boston Red Sox lead the way with 17 former Division I players among the 25 on their postseason roster, including for Arizona State standout Dustin Pedroia (pictured). The Tampa Bay Rays and the Philadelphia Phillies each have 11. The Los Angeles Angels have the fewest with five.


A year ago, the team with more former Division I players on its postseason roster won each series, with the Red Sox defeating the Colorado Rockies in the World Series. If that holds true again this year, the Red Sox (17) will eliminate the Angels (5), the Rays (11) will defeat the White Sox (7), the Phillies (11) will top the Brewers (8), and the Cubs (8) will get by the Dodgers (7).


There are 56 Division I schools which have at least one alum in the postseason. There are six schools with three players: Georgia Tech, LSU, McNeese State, Miami (Fla.), Notre Dame and Oklahoma. Six more schools have two players: Arizona State, Cal State Fullerton, Florida State, Long Beach State, San Diego State and Stanford.


There are links to lists divided by school and by Major League teams.


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