July 16, 2009


Nearly 340 Former Division I Players in Big Leagues 


In looking at the active rosters and disabled lists of the 30 Major League teams following the All-Star break, there are 339 who played Division I baseball. That represents more than 40% of all major leaguers.


There are 141 Division I schools which have at least one alum in the major leagues. Stanford leads the way with 10 big-leaguers, followed by LSU with nine, UCLA with eight and Long Beach State with seven. Florida State, Miami (Fla.), Nevada, Oklahoma State, Rice and Tennessee each have six. Mark Reynolds (left) of the Arizona Diamondbacks is one of two Virginia Cavaliers in the major leagues.


Toronto leads the major league teams with 21 Division I players on its active roster and DL. Tampa Bay has 18, Arizona has 16 and San Diego has 15. Boston, Oakland, and San Francisco each have 14. The Angels have the lowest number with five, followed by the Braves with six. Kansas City and Pittsburgh each have seven.


There are links to lists divided by school and by Major League teams.


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Division I Players in the American League


Division I Players in the National League