Tracy Smith is in his eighth season as head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers. IU went 32-28 this past season, including 14-7 in the Big Ten. The Hoosiers fell 6-5 to Purdue in the Championship Game of the Big Ten Tournament. A native of Kentland, Ind., Smith led Indiana to the 2009 Big Ten tourney title, the first for the program since 1996 and second NCAA Tournament appearance in school history.


A 1989 graduate of Miami (Ohio), Smith posted a record of 317-220-1 (.590) as head coach at his alma mater. His RedHawks put together eight consecutive 30-win seasons.


Smith has a keen eye for baseball and a keen ear for music. He will give us his thoughts through the spring on Indiana baseball and on American Idol. Follow Smith on Twitter at @HoosierBaseball.


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Feb. 20, 2013


Girls Rule!


Okay, Okay, I know I am behind on my entries, but early season travel takes a toll and I underestimated the commitment level to meet deadlines for a weekly blog about a TV program. The writing is the easy part; finding time to watch the TeVo’ed shows is the tough part. I got behind on Idol and my second favorite show, The Walking Dead, so between the two, I am trying. Enough about Zombies, let’s talk about singing.


I will keep it simple for this week: Right now . . . Girls rule! My wife gave me a little indication of this while as I was gone. She and my son watched the shows while we were on the road for the Mini-Big Ten/Big East Challenge. While I didn’t want her to tell me specifically about the performances, I wanted her to at least let me know if I should keep watching. It is no secret that the show has struggled keeping my interest level this season. Admittedly it is not so much the singing, but rather the judges that draw my ire.


Well, thank goodness for Angela Miller and her original song . . . can’t think of the title off the top of my head, but “wow” was she good. I always get a little nervous when contestants do “original” songs, but this time it worked. At some level, I appreciate the guts it takes to go against the norm so I am glad she pulled it off.


How can I recap Idol without mentioning the dude that split his pants? You split your pants in front of millions of people you deserve to go on even if you can’t sing…fortunately for him, he can. While the girls seem to be ahead of the boys when it comes to talent this season, statistics tell us they are still a long shot to win. I don’t know exactly how many years it has been since we had a female winner, but I know it has been a while.


Well, time for another long road trip for the pre-season part of our schedule before conference play. I guess the same can be said for American Idol. I am glad their pre-season is over and we can get down to my favorite part of the show where we – “America” get to decide who moves on and who doesn’t. Until then . . . my song choice for this week is not Georgia On My Mind, but rather Georgia Southern On My Mind!!!


(photos courtesy of IU Media Relations Office)