Tracy Smith enters his eighth season as head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers. IU went 32-28 this past season, including 14-7 in the Big Ten. The Hoosiers fell 6-5 to Purdue in the Championship Game of the Big Ten Tournament. A native of Kentland, Ind., Smith led Indiana to the 2009 Big Ten tourney title, the first for the program since 1996 and second NCAA Tournament appearance in school history.


A 1989 graduate of Miami (Ohio), Smith posted a record of 317-220-1 (.590) as head coach at his alma mater. His RedHawks put together eight consecutive 30-win seasons.


Smith has a keen eye for baseball and a keen ear for music. He will give us his thoughts through the spring on Indiana baseball and on American Idol. Follow Smith on Twitter at @HoosierBaseball.


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Feb. 7, 2013


It Has To Get Better


My favorite part of last night’s show was the singer named Micah Johnson  . . .  only because he shares the name of our second baseman from last year who now plays in the Chicago White Sox organization. Given IU Micah Johnson’s talent in about everything he does, it wouldn’t surprise me if he could sing as well as Idol Micah Johnson. In fact, IU Micah has displayed his vocals in my basement on more than one occasion and it wasn’t bad.


Before I go any further, I need to apologize for missing an episode last week, but we are getting close to Opening Day for college baseball and preparations have been fast and furious. We have yet to get outside for practice and that always makes me a little nervous so please forgive me for not checking in. That said, I have to be honest with all my loyal Idol supporters; the show has yet to grab my full level of commitment like years past. I actually said to my wife last night that if I had not committed to Phil and the folks at to recap the show each week, I probably wouldn’t watch Idol this season. Did I just say that?!


As I mentioned previously, I have been a huge fan of the show from Year 2, rarely missing a show if at all. Heck, I even would adjust team travel times during the season so I could make sure we checked in to the hotel in time to watch the show. But something is lacking for me this season. For one thing, I have been extremely critical of Nicki, but I think she has deserved it. She is not good at judging talent. She proved it again last night when she said the one group that absolutely butchered their song during group round, was her favorite. How? Simon would have crushed all of them and sent them home without hesitation. I think that is it – nobody (outside maybe Keith Urban) is holding the singers to high standards. The show is not so much about singing anymore as it is about promoting different personalities for ratings. Case in point, I love the kid Lazarus from Chicago (the boy that stutters), but he had no business moving on in the competition as he really struggled last night. Not to mention how many times he said he lacks self-confidence. Good luck making it in “the industry” if you lack self-confidence. Aren’t we supposed to be finding the “Next American Idol”?


Well, I am going to hang in there for the time being because it has to get better. As I was walking out the door this morning my wife told me not to be negative on my blog because she thinks I am just being grumpy with the stress of the upcoming season. I reminded her that I am always grumpy . . . and set off for another day of Hoosier Baseball.


(photos courtesy of IU Media Relations Office)