Sam Dove is a senior infielder/outfielder from Brentwood, Tenn. Dove was an Academic All-District selection in 2012. He was one of two Yellow Jackets to start every game, with 52 starts at third base and the other 12 at second. Dove batted .340 and led the team with 86 hits. He had 15 doubles, three homers, 30 RBI and went 12 for 13 on steal attempts. Dove put together a 17-game hit streak during the season. In 2011, Dove was the primary starter in left field, batting .310 with six doubles and 18 RBI.


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Feb. 28, 2013


The Road to Statesboro


Welcome to my first blog documenting life behind the scenes of a Georgia Tech baseball player. My name is Sam Dove and I was born and raised in Nolensville, Tenn., which is a suburb 20 minutes outside of Nashville. I’m a senior 3B/OF majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. The goal of these installments is to give a sneak peak into some of the things you can’t see from the stands.


As I’m writing, it is Monday, February 25, and we are on the bus headed to Georgia Southern for a two-game midweek series. On a regular travel day, we’d usually have a short practice and leave around 4:30 p.m., but not today. Monday is our only off day from baseball, so the Engineering majors like myself have to schedule our labs on Mondays. Yeah, class all day on our day off, fun right?


Lucky me, I had to sign up for an electronics and circuits lab from 6-9 p.m. on Mondays. So the whole team had to wait on me to get out of lab at nine to get on the road for the four-hour drive to Statesboro. Needless to say some of the guys had a few jokes waiting on me when I finally got on the bus.


We spend a lot of time on the bus during the season and there are a few things that you can always count on seeing. The first, the classic eight or so rows of underclassmen sitting two to a row, crammed into their seats. Upperclassmen get their own row to themselves – it’s only fair. Second, lots of headphones as guys like to chill and listen to music to pass the time.


Having competitive athletes around each other leads to constant competitions, ranging from card games to Tiger Woods on an iPad to different word games. So there’s usually someone trying to get a game together.


And then there is my personal favorite, watching movies on the bus. Tonight we are watching The Butterfly Effect, one of many movies that we will go through during a long season.


There have been a few resounding constants through the first few weeks of the season with the most prevalent being the weather. It seems as if during the week, it’s fairly nice weather, and then we get to the weekend for our games and it’s cold and rainy.  Not a good combo for baseball. This upcoming weekend it’s supposed to be a hot 46oF high all weekend. Not exactly the ideal Atlanta weather.


I hope you enjoyed reading a small sample of our lives beyond the diamond and be sure to look for my other blogs throughout the season. And as always, Go Jackets!


Sam Dove #31


(photo courtesy of Georgia Tech Media Relations)