Dustin Coffman is in his fourth year of coaching college baseball. He began his coaching career as a student manager at Indiana University in 2009 and was promoted the following year to volunteer assistant. Coffman spent the 2010 summer in the Coastal Plain League with the Edenton Steamers, who finished Top 5 in the country. From Edenton, Coffman took his first paid position at Wabash Valley College. Over the past two seasons, the Warriors have compiled a 93-30 record and have been ranked as high as No. 3 in NJCAA baseball. In summer 2011, Coffman was hired to be an assistant baseball coach with the Bourne Braves in the storied Cape Cod League where he was again this past summer.


A native of Granger, Ind., Coffman earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Indiana in 2009 and is working on a master’s degree in applied sports studies from IU.


Coffman will share his thoughts throughout the 2013 season as he did through the 2012 Cape Cod campaign.


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Dec. 3, 2012


Crunch Time


Welcome to crunch time! Right now our players are in their last week of classes before they will take final exams next week. Wow, where has the time gone? It’s December 3, the semester is pretty much over, it’s 70 and sunny, and we are less than 60 days away from our first game! This week will be our final week of baseball activity. We have been lifting four days a week in the morning and doing our individual groups in the afternoon. This is always an exciting time of year to see how the group of individuals that arrived on campus August 15 have come together as a team and family, to see young hitters that struggled in the fall finally start to make adjustments, and to see young freshmen begin to fill out and grow into their bodies. The excitement of what could happen, I love it!


This is my third year at Wabash Valley and I really feel like I have settled into how Rob does things and what’s expected. PS: Rob Fournier is on twitter now, look out America! Ha-ha. Bobby Segal has been a great addition to our coaching staff. He has taken the spot of one of my best friends, Lance Rhodes, as the organized and detailed one on the staff. He has really brought a lot to the table. This has been a fun group to coach, no matter what we have done this year. Whether it’s scrimmage, play outside competition, basketball games, tug of war, running, lifting, etc. our boys compete. They want to win! The most important thing to me is to be around people that really care and are going to do their best. Everything else should fall in line.


Over the past few years it has been cool to see the turnover in students, players, coaches, and faculty at our school. The new additions to the school include our renovated fitness center, my new office, our new athletics website, new cafeteria staff, and basketball tailgates. One major addition to our school this past year has been the addition of our new student section for home basketball games called Red Rage. Red Rage has provided an electric atmosphere for players, coaches, and fans of Wabash Valley Basketball.


This past weekend I was lucky enough to work Vanderbilt’s Baseball Camp. WOW! All I can say is there is no coincidence why Vanderbilt has had so much success over the past few years. I always heard how organized and how much energy Tim Corbin had from other coaches and players, but you have no idea until you are around him. Clear communication, organization, good people, and energy are what I will take from my Vanderbilt experience. The other major thing I will take from my Vanderbilt experience was getting to chance to listen to the BROWN-STARS, Vanderbilt pitching coach Scott Brown, and the rock star, the man, the myth, the legend, Eastern Kentucky’s Steven Brown! There’s your shout out BROWNIE! Ha-ha. But in all seriousness those guys know there stuff! I love getting to be around people who are really truly invested in something, somebody who knows a skill inside and out and those two are the real deal.








(photos courtesy of Dustin Coffman)