Dustin Coffman is in his fourth year of coaching college baseball. He began his coaching career as a student manager at Indiana University in 2009 and was promoted the following year to volunteer assistant. Coffman spent the 2010 summer in the Coastal Plain League with the Edenton Steamers, who finished Top 5 in the country. From Edenton, Coffman took his first paid position at Wabash Valley College. Over the past two seasons, the Warriors have compiled a 93-30 record and have been ranked as high as No. 3 in NJCAA baseball. In summer 2011, Coffman was hired to be an assistant baseball coach with the Bourne Braves in the storied Cape Cod League where he was again this past summer.


A native of Granger, Ind., Coffman earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Indiana in 2009 and is working on a master’s degree in applied sports studies from IU.


Coffman will share his thoughts throughout the 2013 season as he did through the 2012 Cape Cod campaign.


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Nov. 12, 2012




The storm is over, good-bye October! Wow, what a month! Practice, lifting, study table, teaching, recruiting trips, hitting lessons, fall World Series, and substitute teaching, the crazy life of a junior college assistant. Ever since I got back from lobster land I hit the ground running. My days have been jam packed from start to finish.


My month started at 4:30 a.m. on October 1. The alarm goes off, I jump out of bed, shower, get my clothes on, and I’m out the door! This is the day! I am going to accomplish so much! Well I get about 15 yards outside my door and in the dark I see a white trash bag. As I walk by the white trash bag I see a little black creature. I immediately scream and fall down in the wet grass (good thing I took the time to shower.) As I am getting up off the wet ground, I am thinking to myself, “I think that was a skunk!!! Don’t they spray???” I think I’m good. So I get up, walk out to my car, and I start to smell something, I think, well maybe he got me a little. I get to the office at 5, I have my coffee, I have my music, and I am just cranking out production, and the smell keeps getting worse. At 5:30 a.m., my office phone goes off and it’s the fitness center below, “Did you run over a skunk? It smells awful down here!” If anyone else has been sprayed by a skunk at 4:55 in the morning to start your day, please email me and let me know.


Red/ Black World Series


For the third straight year, Team Black won the annual Wabash Valley Red/Black World Series. This was by far the most competitive fall ball I have ever been a part of. The best-of-five series went all five games and ended with freshman Ryan Quinterro striking out Cole Gleason to seal the deal for the black team. Gleason actually hit a walk-off home run in Game 1 of the World Series off Quinterro, but I went right back to him. Ryan is a freshman from Miami who throws between 82-84 with a good breaking ball and change. To see Ryan at a showcase you are not going to be blown away but he’s an everyday guy. No matter what is asked of him, he does it to perfection. He gets every single rep, he finishes his runs, he does well in the classroom and he takes care of his job duties.




OK, if you are a baseball coach, I’m sure you have heard of the Perfect Game tournament in Jupiter and how big it is. Let me tell you something, you may have heard how big it is, but you have no idea until you go down there! OMG! What a great time! It was great hanging out with a lot of coaches I know, meeting new ones, seeing great baseball, eating Cuban food, and even getting to hang out with Hurricane Sandy! Good times!


Hypertrophy Phase


The Bash baseball team is now officially done with fall ball and in full blown Get Big mode. Our boys are lifting four days a week total body and I couldn’t be happier with the effort. This has been a great group to coach. They work hard in the weight room, they take care of business in the classroom, and they compete there butts off on the field. I’m not sure how many games we will win this year, but I’ll go to war with these guys. So far we have had four pitchers commit to Division 1 schools: Brandon Allen (Western Kentucky), Matthew Ellenbest (Morehead State), Clay Wallace (Cincinnati) and Spencer Drake (Cincinnati).





(photos courtesy of Dustin Coffman)