Dylan Badura is a senior pitcher from Omaha, Neb. After spending two years at Indian Hill Junior College, Badura transferred to UTPA. He made 20 appearances for the Broncs in 2012, including three starts. He posted a 2-2 record with one save. Badura registered a victory in his UTPA debut, fanning two in two innings against Southern Utah. His first save came in a conference contest at NJIT. Badura is majoring in public relations/marketing.



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Feb. 11, 2013


Opening Day


As the past week came to a close, so did the offseason. The dawning of the first day of season is upon us.


As opening weekend kicks off, so does everyone’s high hopes and spirits for the season. All the hard work we have put in over the offseason is finally going to be put to the test. All the times we have grinded it out in practice when we were exhausted and weary is about fuel the fire for the season. Opening Day, in my opinion, is the most exciting time of the season!


This weekend we open up on the road in Corpus Christi against the Islanders. Our whole team is excited to kick the season off with a bang. However, for the seniors this means much more. This means one last shot at a dream that has nagged us since we were little kids in T-ball. The fire only then kept burning inside of us till we were well past our legal age. This is our one last shot to go out and prove ourselves not only as individuals, but as a team. Everyone’s goals are set high, whether it’s to take the Conference Championship, pave our road to the College World Series or continue our dreams with the MLB Draft.


Not only does “Opening Day” bring about high emotions, but it also celebrates the best time of the year: Baseball Season! Brand new uniforms, cleats, gloves and teams are put to the test for the first time. The smell of fresh-cut grass and hot dogs fill the air. For us down here in Texas, the sun will be shining bright, and the weather will be ever kind. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Northern teams. Nonetheless, everyone is just as enthusiastic as if it were their first day in Little League again so many years ago. Every year brings about a new challenge and new opportunities and hopefully memories that will last a lifetime.


So may the best of luck go out to all teams across the nation as we kick off the 2013 season, and a special good luck to all the seniors out their chasing their fantasy of earning rings and achieving the “big time.”


For Opening Day here’s the thought of the week from UTPA pitching coach Robert Clayton.


“Opening Day is the best day of the baseball season. Uniforms will never be cleaner, grass will never be greener and baseballs will never be whiter. Hope runs through the veins of all players and coaches. For a day every goal you have no matter how farfetched, seems like it can be reached.”




(photos by Dutch Cowgill)