Jan. 31, 2009


The Super Bowl Skipper Returns

By Sean Ryan

CollegeBaseballInsider.com Co-Founder


Come Sunday, one college baseball coach will know exactly what it’s like to play in the Super Bowl.


Sacred Heart’s Nick Giaquinto (profiled last year by CBI), was a running back for the Washington Redskins Super Bowl teams in 1982 and 1983. He earned a ring as Washington won in 1982, then came up short the following year, when the Raiders humbled the Redskins.


The Super Bowl Skipper returns to share more Super Bowl memories in a special Nine Innings, er, Four Quarters.

First Quarter


How did it compare to have two weeks between the NFC Championship and the Super Bowl like you did your second trip to the first time, when you only had one week?
The first year was like a whirlwind. We got on a roll after the strike and just kept playing well so it worked out well for us in SB XVII against the Dolphins. The following year we really needed the two weeks after the long season and a tough NFC Championship game. I do not think the extra week had anything to do with the outcome against the Raiders. It was more Marcus Allen and the Raiders.

How was preparation different entering the 1983 Super Bowl as the defending champs?
Being defending champs, I thought we had great preparation and had time to heal some bumps and bruises. We had experience, we had a great team and we were well prepared. But on that Sunday, the Raiders earned the victory. I guess that's why they play the game.

Second Quarter


You'd lost twice in 1983 by a total of two points before losing to the Raiders in the Super Bowl. How shocking was the result of that game?
It was a disappointing loss but I would not say shocking. I think since SB III it was proven that if you get there you can win; unless you are Minnesota or Buffalo.

What was your favorite part of Super Bowl week?
To this day the favorite part of Super Bowl week is the game. After that, I would say practice. Now I usually turn the TV on just before kickoff. We actually have practice, then a camp from 4-6 on Super Bowl Sunday this year.

Third Quarter


How was Media Day? Any crazy questions directed at you? What was the most memorable question asked of you or any of your teammates?
Media day was fun with most of the attention going to Theismann and Riggins, of course. It was hectic, but not like now. We all had a table and reporters would come up and ask questions. I just did a few interviews mainly about my journey from UCONN to the NFL after getting cut numerous times, to the Super Bowl.

Do you wear your Super Bowl ring? If not, where do you keep it? If not, how often do you put it on or just look at it?
I wear my ring to banquets or when I speak to groups. Other then that I leave it in the safety deposit box.

Fourth Quarter


Where will you watch the game Sunday?
The past few years, I have watched the game with my brothers Tony and Mike and my cousin Joe at Joe's house. We just get a couple of pizzas and watch the game; just the way we like it!

Any predictions on the game (with score)?
Cardinals 27-24.

(photo courtesy of Sacred Heart Media Relations Office)