Dec. 23, 2008


Nine Innings with Santa Claus

By Phil Stanton Co-Founder


With the Holiday Season upon us, we thought we’d catch up with the busiest guy, Santa Claus. Although he doesn’t look it, he was a pretty good athlete in his day. He took some time out of his hectic schedule to answer a few of our questions.


First Inning – Did you ever play baseball?

I did when I was younger. My parents were snowbirds, so we ended up spending half the year in Santa Claus, Ind., and always had a baseball in my hand. I spent a year at Santa Clara before I transferred to San Ho-Ho-Jose as I like to call it. I played two summers in the Alaska Baseball League, since it wasn’t too far from home.


Second Inning – What was your intro music when you came to the plate?

“Santa Claus is Coming to Bat.” When it started “You better watch out”, I would point the bat at the pitcher. Sometimes, I’d mix it up and ask for “Here Comes Santa Claus.”


Third Inning – Do you still follow college baseball?

Yes, I do. I have a great nephew, Chad Claus, who’s a catcher at UNLV, so I definitely keep an eye on the Rebels.


Fourth Inning – Do you have a favorite player from the past?

I always liked watching J.T. Snow, when he played at the University of Arizona and when he was in the Big Leagues.


Fifth Inning – Do the elves like baseball?

They do. After we get through Christmas, they get ready for the Jingle Balls and Strikes Tournament.


Sixth Inning – Do the elves have a favorite player?

Their hero has always been Eddie Gaedel, but a lot of them are now Dustin Pedroia fans.


Seventh Inning – Do the reindeer have a team?

They have a pretty good squad. Dasher plays center and hits leadoff, Dancer tippy-toes around first, Prancer patrols left, Vixen holds down the hot corner, Comet has a gun in right, Cupid loves playing short, Donder covers second, Blitzen plays behind the plate and Rudolph pitches, relying on his “Glow Ball.”


Eighth Inning – Is there a chance of you making an unbreakable wooden bat?

We’re working on it, but Rudolph’s fastball and slider keep sending us back to the drawing board.


Ninth Inning – Are there any baseball guys on your naughty list?

There are a few, including a couple coaches who, how should I say it, have a bit of a temper. But there are a number of umpires who will find little coal baseballs in their stockings this year.


 (clipart courtesy of Webweaver)