Jan. 31, 2014


Nine Innings with Donny Harrel

By Phil Stanton

CollegeBaseballInsider.com Co-Founder

phil@collegebaseballinsider.com  @RoadToOmaha


Donny Harrel enters his sixth season at Seattle University. He has overseen the program’s transition into Division I. The Redhawks competed in the WAC for the first time this past year, posting 10 conference wins and 21 total victories. Harrel has registered multiple wins over Pac-12 opponents over the past three seasons.


Harrel also spent time as an assistant at Washington and Oregon State.


In anticipation of Sunday’s Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos, Harrel will share his thoughts and insight on the NFC Champion Seahawks.


First Inning – How long have you been a Seahawks fan? Who has been your favorite player to watch?

Since moving to Seattle in 2007. The "Beast" Baby!

Second Inning – Did you feel going into the season that Seattle had a chance to reach the Super Bowl?

A chance - but I thought the offense was a little too young yet with Wilson in his second year.

Third Inning – In your opinion, what makes Pete Carroll such a successful head coach?

ENERGY! Great positive influencer with true charisma.

Fourth Inning – Which Seattle player most impresses you?

Russell Okung - tough position, protects your team's most important asset.

Fifth Inning – Who on your team would make the best Seahawk and what position would he play?

Andrew Olson (Redshirt Senior LHP) His intensity would put him at outside linebacker

Sixth Inning – Who is the biggest Seattle fan on your team/staff?

Andrew Olson (yells as loud at his TV as the 12th man does down at the games!)

Seventh Inning – Besides Peyton Manning, which player from the Denver Broncos most concerns you?

Wes Welker, because he seems to make the plays that are most needed in crucial situations

Eighth Inning – Why will the Seahawks win?

Defense and I believe NY will experience the 12th man. Seahawk fans travel like no other!

Ninth Inning – What is your prediction on the final score?

27-24 Seahawks

Extra Innings – What should we expect from the Redhawks this season?

A stronger finish in the WAC Conference and an opportunity to play in the WAC Tourney