Feb. 4, 2010

Nine Innings with SLU's Jay Artigues on the Saints


Nine Innings with Steve Farley

By Phil Stanton

CollegeBaseballInsider.com Co-Founder


This week, we are going to have head coaches from Indianapolis and the New Orleans area give us their thoughts on Sunday’s Super Bowl between the Colts and the Saints.


Today we begin with Steve Farley, who enters his 19th season as the head coach at Butler University. He has coached more than 1,000 games, guiding the Bulldogs to a pair of NCAA Tournament bids and five appearances in the league championship game since 1998. Farley has been Horizon League Coach of the Year four times.


Farley gives his perspective on the AFC Champions, the Indianapolis Colts.


First Inning – What was the defining play of the season for the Colts?

Reggie Wayne's TD catch from Peyton Manning to win the game vs. the Patriots.

Second Inning – If you were the head coach, would you have played all the starters all 16 regular-season games to try for the undefeated season?

Easy to say yes, but watching Welker get hurt for New England and seeing how Coach Caldwell has handled the team this year, hard to argue with the Colts’ brain trust!

Third Inning – If you had Peyton Manning on your baseball team, what position would he play?

Anywhere he wants.

Fourth Inning – Who on your team would make the best Colt, and what position would he play?

One of my assistant coaches, Jeff Brown, works for the Colts equipment staff on game days and will be on the sideline for the Super Bowl. Jeff was an outstanding player for me here at Butler. I'd have him as my slot receiver.

Fifth Inning – What has made Jim Caldwell so successful in his rookie campaign as head coach?

Rock solid as a person and role model. Never gets too high or too low. Worked for a great coach last year, Tony Dungy.

Sixth Inning – Does the success of the Colts help all sports in the city of Indianapolis?

I think so. Everybody has a sense of pride in what the Colts have accomplished. There sure are a lot of fans wearing blue Colts jerseys walking around this city!

Seventh Inning – Who is the biggest Colts fan on your team/staff?

Probably asst. coach Jeff Brown- a great ambassador for the team.

Eighth Inning – Which player from the Saints do you fear most?

Another guy with Indiana connections- Drew Brees.

Ninth Inning – Why will the Colts win?

They won't beat themselves with turnovers or penalties.

Extra Innings – What will the final score be?

Colts 31, Saints 24

(photo courtesy of Butler Media Relations Office)