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Nine Innings with Scott Doffek

By Phil Stanton

CollegeBaseballInsider.com Co-Founder

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This week, we are going to have head coaches from Pittsburgh and Milwaukee give us their thoughts on Sunday's Super Bowl between the Steelers and the Packers.

Today we begin with Scott Doffek, the head coach of the Milwaukee Panthers. He enters his fifth season as skipper after serving 12 years as assistant head coach. Doffek led the Panthers to the Horizon League title a season ago, earning their fourth trip to the NCAA Tournament. Milwaukee posted a record of 33-26, reaching 25 wins for the 13th time in the past 14 years. Doffek owns a record of 111-121 in four seasons and is 58-46 in league play.


The Horizon League Coach of the Year in 2009, Doffek gives his perspective on the NFC Champion, the Green Bay Packers.

First Inning - How much momentum did the Packers have heading into the playoffs after winning their final two regular-season games to make the field? 
I think everyone in the league knew how dangerous the Packers could be. If you look one game further back, you see them losing a late decision on the road at New England with the back-up QB, Matt Flynn, playing. I really think that made them believe in themselves and what they could do. Then, having to beat NY, who was fighting for their playoff lives, before having to beat the arch rival Bears gave them the mojo they needed.

Second Inning - What made the Packers so tough with three road wins in the playoffs?
The first thing you have to look at is how consistent their defense has been. All year long, they have been losing key guys back there and week after week Dom Capers has found a way to get it done. When you have a guy like Aaron Rodgers who takes care of the ball and can make big play after big play - they are just a tough team to beat!

Third Inning - Has Aaron Rodgers made Packer fans forget about Brett Favre?
If you are a true Packer fan, you can never forget what Brett did for the Pack. He gave us a great chance to win every game we played in for about 15 years. He would break your heart at times, but he sure made it fun to watch. As a fan, what else can you ask for? Rodgers is the real deal. Rodgers has the whole package. He can throw, can move his feet, is very accurate and really takes care of the ball. He seems to be a great leader as well. These are exciting times for football fans in Wisconsin!

Fourth Inning - What makes Mike McCarthy so successful as a head coach?
He has GOOD PLAYERS! He seems to very steady - never too high or too low. He has a plan and sticks to it. I think he has very high expectations for the organization and that rubs off on the young guys.

Fifth Inning - If you had Clay Matthews on your baseball team, what position would he play?
HMMM. I'm going to say he would play center field. Just relentless pursuit of the baseball!

Sixth Inning - Who on your team would make the best Packer, and what position would he play?
Drew Pearson (sophomore catcher from Racine, Wis.). First of all he has the same name as the former Cowboy. And, secondly, he is so athletic. He would probably be a running back. I don't see how anyone could contain him!

Seventh Inning - Who is the biggest Cheesehead on your team/staff?
Greg Blohowiak (junior pitcher from Green Bay) - just a huge Packer fan. Assistant Coach Cory Bigler. Although I think he only watches the Packers so he can justify eating a whole bag of chips.

Eighth Inning - Which player from the Steelers do you fear most?
Troy Polamalu ... anyone who can walk the face of the earth with that hair 365 days a year has to be tough as nails.

Ninth Inning - Why will the Packers win?
Because I will wear my lucky hat!!!

Extra Innings - What will the final score be?
Green Bay, 28-24


(photos courtesy of Milwaukee Media Relations Office)