February 11, 2014

Nine Innings with Valpo's Brian Schmack

Nine Innings with WSU's Greg Lovelady

CBI Feature on New Coaches in the Horizon


Panthers on the Horizon


CollegeBaseballInsider.com surveyed college coaches around the country to preview the 2014 college baseball season by sharing their thoughts on the teams and players to watch in their conferences. CBI compiled their answers to provide insight on the upcoming season. click here for CBI Conference Previews


Today, we take a look at the Horizon (five of six coaches responded).

Additions: Oakland

Departures: none


The team to beat: Milwaukee

The top three starting pitchers: Tomas Michelson, UIC*; Mike Schneider, Milwaukee; Cole Webb, Valparaiso

The top closer: Karch Kowalczyk, Valparaiso

The pitcher you least want to face: Travis Hissong, Wright State, Karch Kowalczyk, Valparaiso

The most underrated pitcher: no player received more than one vote

The best defensive catcher: Mitch Ghelfi, Milwaukee

The best catcher arm: Mitch Ghelfi, Milwaukee

The best defensive infielder: John Coen, UIC

The best infield arm: Sam Koenig, Milwaukee

The best defensive outfielder: Luke Meeteer, Milwaukee

The best outfield arm: Kieston Greene, Wright State

The three best pure hitters: Mike Porcaro, Milwaukee; Mitch Ghelfi, Milwaukee; Kieston Greene, Wright State

The three biggest power threats: Kieston Greene, Wright State; Alex Jurich, UIC; Garrett Gray, Wright State

The hitter you least want to face: Mitch Ghelfi, Milwaukee

The toughest hitter to strike out: Mike Porcaro, Milwaukee

The most underrated hitter: Derek Peake, Milwaukee

The best base-runner: Luke Meeteer, Milwaukee

The best game coach: Mike Dee, UIC; Scott Doffek, Milwaukee

The assistant coach most ready for a head-coaching job: Sean McDermott, UIC


*unanimous selection