Feb. 2, 2012

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Nine Innings with Kash Kalkowski

By Phil Stanton

CollegeBaseballInsider.com Co-Founder

Phil@collegebaseballinsider.com @RoadToOmaha


The new member of the Big Ten is Nebraska, and the new first baseman for the Cornhuskers is Kash Kalkowski. A native of Grand Island, Neb., Kalkowski was a two-way star at Grand Island High School, leading the school to its first state title in 2008. He pitched for Nebraska as a freshman in 2009, going 1-2 in 19 games with a 7.08 ERA. He struck out 32 in 34.1 innings. Kalkowski had shoulder surgery and missed the 2010 season. He returned as a hitter this past season, batting .299 with an on-base percentage of .378. Kalkowski was second on the club with 12 doubles, three triples, five homers and 42 RBI in earning honorable-mention All-Big 12 honors. Nebraska went 30-25 overall last season and 9-17 in the Big 12.


Kalkowski recently took time to answer our questions about the Cornhuskers.


First Inning – What will you miss most from Big 12 road trips?

I will miss the weather on the Big 12 road trips and the memories that I had with my teammates.

Second Inning – What are your thoughts about the team moving into the Big Ten?

It's baseball I don't care as long as I get to play baseball because it won't be around forever for me. You only live once so go hard in any conference you play in.

Third Inning – Have the Huskers played any Big Ten teams since you’ve been at Nebraska?

No I have never played any Big 10 team since I have been here. (note: NU did not have a series against the Big Ten, but defeated Iowa 7-3 at home in 2011)

Fourth Inning – Which Big Ten program is most likely to build a baseball rivalry with Nebraska?

I'm going to say Ohio State or Illinois 

Fifth Inning – If a Big Ten baseball fan is coming to Lincoln for the first time, what else should he or she experience besides Haymarket Park?

Well they could go see the new basketball facilities or the football stadium. Go in the Haymarket and have a nice dinner.

But really what's better than going to a baseball game?

Sixth Inning – What will be the keys for Nebraska to have success in the Big Ten this season?

To come as one. And WIN at everything we do!!

Seventh Inning – How has the transition been for you moving to first base?

It wasn't as hard as most people think it would be. I have played infield my whole life. The toughest parts were learning the foot work and finding the base when the throw is coming to you. They key to first base is always thinking that the throw is going to be the worst so you are ready for anything.

Eighth Inning – Were you surprised with your offensive success in 2011?

Yes and no. I always knew I could hit and that helped me a little in my head just to think that. But for not hitting for two years that kind of scared me, but with Coach Estad helping me all last fall and summer I felt like I was ready. And it helped when a fourth-round draft pick is hitting in front of you so you can see what all they are throwing.

Ninth Inning – What are your personal and team goals for the Huskers in 2012?

Personal goal is to help the team out and just improve from last year. Team goal is what everyone wants, is to go to the College World Series. But another team goal is to win at everything we do on the field, we want to be the best!


(photos courtesy of Nebraska Media Relations Office)