August 15, 2011


NCAA approves instant replay in College World Series


The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved the use of experimental instant replay for the 2012 College World Series.


Reviewable plays include:


* Determination if possible home run is fair or foul.


* Determination if batted ball left playing field for a home run or ground-rule double.


* Spectator-interference plays on potential home runs.


ESPN uses 17 camera locations at TD Ameritrade Park for the CWS. Instant replay was not considered for the entire NCAA Tournament since not all regional and super regional sites would have the same video setup.


Instant replay will operate under the assumption that the call on the field is correct. A call would be changed only if there is indisputable video evidence. Otherwise, the call on the field stands. Replay would occur before the next pitch or play. If a game-ending play is involved, it must be called before the umpires leave the field.


On a reviewed play, the calling umpire and crew chief would go to the designated replay area. At least one umpire would stay on the field. The crew chief would make the final decision on the replayed call.


The use of instant replay was recommended by both the Division I Baseball Committee and the NCAA Baseball Rules Committee.


A play in Game 2 of the 2011 CWS illustrated the need for instant replay. Brian Johnson hit a ball in the seventh inning that was called a ground-rule double, but replay showed it was a home run.