Feb. 17, 2009


Ackley, Strasburg Lead CBI Preseason All-America Team


CollegeBaseballInsider.com has named its 2009 Preseason All-America Team. North Carolina junior first baseman Dustin Ackley (pictured right) leads the offensive squad as the CBI Preseason Player of the Year. Ackley hit .417 in 2008 and is one of two players to bat .400 or better in each of the past two seasons. Ackley had 116 hits, scored 82 runs and drove in 51. He was 19-25 on stolen base attempts.


San Diego State junior right-hander Stephen Strasburg leads the hurlers as the CBI Preseason Pitcher of the Year. Strasburg was 8-3 a season ago with a 1.57 ERA. In 97.1 innings, he allowed 61 hits, walked 16 and struck out 133.


There are 66 different schools represented on the CBI Preseason All-America Team, and 24 of the 30 conferences have at least one player represented.


CollegeBaseballInsider.com Preseason All-America Team


Preseason Player of the Year - Dustin Ackley, North Carolina

Preseason Pitcher of the Year - Stephen Strasburg, San Diego State (pictured right)


First Team

C – Josh Phegley, Indiana .428/15 HR/80 RBI/20 2B/69 R/98 H

1B – Dustin Ackley, North Carolina .417/7 HR/51 RBI/21 2B/19-25 SB/82 R/116 H

2B – Brandon Sizemore, College of Charleston .327/20 HR/82 RBI/24 2B/69 R/82 H

3B – Chris Dominguez, Louisville .365/21 HR/75 RBI/13 2B/68 R/91 H/11-15 SB

SS – Grant Green, USC .390/9 HR/46 RBI/15 2B/46 R/80 H/10-14 SB
OF – Blake Dean, LSU .353/20 HR/73 RBI/18 2B/62 R/95 H
OF – Jason Kipnis, Arizona State .371/14 HR/73 RBI/16 2B/76 R/88 H/24-28 SB
OF – Nate Lape, Marshall .388/17 HR/63 RBI/17 2B/62 R/83 H/20-24 SB
DH – Chad Cregar, Western Kentucky .360/21 HR/82 RBI/15 2B/47 R/90 H
UT – Cory Harrilchak, Elon .410/11 HR/46 RBI/12 2B/53B/70 R/84 H/24-25 SB;


SP – Tim Clubb, Missouri State 11-0/2.52/14 GP/14 GS/103.2 IP/90 H/32 BB/82 K

SP – Chris Fetter, Michigan 10-2/2.47/16 GP/14 GS/94.2 IP/71 H/28 BB/82 K/5 CG

SP – Chris Hernandez, Miami (Fla.) 11-0/2.72/18 GP/17 GS/112.2 IP/92 H/18 BB/117 K

SP – Justin Marks, Louisville 9-2/2.37/18 GP/14 GS/91.0 IP/72 H/39 BB/89 K

SP – Mike Minor, Vanderbilt 7-3/4.28/15 GP/15 GS/103.0 IP/99 H/28 BB/101 K

SP – Stephen Strasburg, San Diego St. 8-3/1.57/13 GP/13 GS/97.1 IP/61 H/16 BB/133 K

SP – Alex White, North Carolina 13-3/2.83/20 GP/15 GS/101.2 IP/78 H/42 BB/113 K

RP – Kyle Bellamy, Miami (Fla.) 6-0/3 SV/1.86/43 GP/0 GS/63.0 IP/40 H/13 BB/75 K

RP – Scott Bittle, Mississippi 7-1/8 SV/1.78/27 GP/0 GS/70.2 IP/35 H/30 BB/130 K

RP – A.J. Griffin, San Diego 1-1/14 SV/2.15/29 GP/0 GS/46.0 IP/33 H/12 BB/49 K

RP – Eric Pettis, UC Irvine 4-3/17 SV/2.62/31 GP/0 GS/44.2 IP/37 H/20 BB/50 K


Second Team

C – Tommy Medica, Santa Clara .324/6 HR/44 RBI/15 2B/43 R/76 H

1B – Rob Lyerly, Charlotte .364/15 HR/76 RBI/26 2B/52 R/80 H

2B – Kyle Seager, North Carolina .347/9 HR/75 RBI/30 2B/62 R/93 H

3B – Tom Mendonca, Fresno State .285/19 HR/70 RBI/48 R/83 H

SS – Ryan Jackson, Miami (Fla.) .360/4 HR/50 RBI/19 2B/10-12 SB
OF – Kyle Jensen, Saint Mary’s .421/13 HR/52 RBI/17 2B/48 R/82 H

OF – Scott Krieger, George Mason .381/21 HR/60 RBI/16 2B/64 R/83 H

OF – Michael Rockett, UTSA .360/10 HR/68 RBI/25 2B/60 R/89 H
DH – Alan Ahmady, Fresno State .386/13 HR/92 RBI/17 2B/59 R/110 H

DH – Scott Woodward, Coastal Carolina .364/7 HR/45 RBI/15 2B/82 R/82 H/42-51 SB

UT – Mike Leake, Arizona State .340/2 HR/11 RBI/16 R/16 H/.500 OB%;

                           11-3/1 SV/3.49/19 GP/16 GS/121.1 IP/118 H/20 BB/104 K

SP – Christian Bergman, UC Irvine 5-2/1.94/25 GP/7 GS/60.1 IP/59 H/16 BB/37 K

SP – Hiram Burgos, Bethune-Cookman 9-1/1.58/16 GP/13 GS/80.0 IP/64 H/24 BB/69 K

SP – Shane Davis, Canisius 12-1/2.42/13 GP/13 GS/89.1 IP/89 H/24 BB/47 K

SP – Tyler Lyons, Oklahoma State 12-2/3.31/15 GP/15 GS/108.2 IP/111 H/19 BB/92 K

SP – Andrew Oliver, Oklahoma State 7-2/2.20/15 GP/14 GS/98.1 IP/72 H/36 BB/96 K

SP – Chance Ruffin, Texas 8-3/3 SV/1.96/23 GP/10 GS/78.0 IP/54 H/24 BB/82 K

SP – Ben Tootle, Jacksonville State 10-2/3.87/15 GP/14 GS/86.0 IP/87 H/29 BB/79 K

RP – Zach Calhoon, UTSA 4-1/13 SV/1.54/26 GP/0 GS/41.0 IP/22 H/35 BB/54 K

RP – Nick Gaudi, Pepperdine 5-1/15 SV/2.68/29 GP/0 GS/43.2 IP/43 H/13 BB/36 K

RP – Matt Packer, Virginia 6-3/2 SV/1.14/25 GP/4 GS/71.1 IP/51 H/15 BB/58 K

RP – Jason Stoffel, Arizona 4-2/13 SV/3.00/34 GP/0 GS/48.0 IP/34 H/15 BB/79 K


Honorable Mention

C – Griffin Benedict, Georgia Southern .355/12 HR/65 RBI/17 2B/60 R/77 H

C – Bryce Massanari, Georgia .325/11 HR/65 RBI/12 2B/40 R/82 H

C – Ryan Ortiz, Oregon State .351/5 HR/55 RBI/16 2B/33 R/66 H

C – Diego Seastrunk, Rice .353/6 HR/61 RBI/19 2B/58 R/91 H

1B – Justin Bour, George Mason .398/15 HR/65 RBI/14 2B/57 R/88 H

1B – Ben Carlson, Missouri State .379/17 HR/67 RBI/11 2B/56 R/81 H

1B – Jeremy Cruz, Stetson .404/15 HR/57 RBI/18 2B/57 R/90 H

1B – Alex Gregory, Radford .401/14 HR/51 RBI/11 2B/56 R/83 H

2B – Tom Belza, Oklahoma State .386/2 HR/34 RBI/12 2B/31 R/64 H

2B – Bryce Mendonca, Pepperdine .332/0 HR/24 RBI/13 2B/42 R/77 H/32-37 SB

2B – Willie Rueda, Texas Tech .361/0 HR/33 RBI/14 2B/39 R/70 H/27-34 SB

2B – Ryan Schimpf, LSU .320/12 HR/54 RBI/18 2B/7 3B/57 R/80 H/16-20 SB

3B – Bennett Davis, Elon .350/18 HR/82 RBI/15 2B/66 R/77 H/22 HBP

3B – Mike Spina, Cincinnati .377/21 HR/79 RBI/12 2B/56 R/84 H

3B – Stuart Tapley, Florida State .383/8 HR/40 RBI/15 2B/54 R/75 H

3B – A.J. Wirnsberger, Georgia Southern .324/21 HR/73 RBI/15 2B/63 R/79 H

SS – Derek Dietrich, Georgia Tech .332/14 HR/66 RBI/16 2B/53 R/79 H

SS – D.J. LeMahieu, LSU .337/6 HR/44 RBI/11 2B/56 R/87 H/10-11 SB

SS – Josh Rutledge, Alabama .369/0 HR/30 RBI/62 R/99 H/16-19 SB
SS – Ben Soignier, ULM .394/16 HR/46 RBI/21 2B/83 R/93 H/13-14 SB

OF – Brian Cavazos-Galvez, New Mexico .367/11 HR/55 RBI/17 2B/51 R/77 H

OF – Kyle Conley, Washington .337/19 HR/57 RBI/13 2B/49 R/61 H

OF – Kentrail Davis, Tennessee .330/13 HR/44 RBI/45 R/68 H

OF – Chris Edmondson, Le Moyne .367/14 HR/64 RBI/22 2B/5 3B/51 R/72 H

OF – Josh Fellhauer, Cal State Fullerton .335/7 HR/40 RBI/20 2B/62 R/90 H/17-23 SB

OF – Nick Freitas, Southern Utah .315/16 HR/39 RBI/11 2B/60 R/69 H/34-38 SB

OF – Ryan Lockwood, USF .415/0 HR/37 RBI/15 2B/44 R/80 H/12-16 SB

OF – Sonny Meade, The Citadel .393/5 HR/46 RBI/16 2B/49 R/90 H

OF – A.J. Pollock, Notre Dame .350/4 HR/42 RBI/15 2B/49 R/76 H/28-30 SB

OF – Aaron Senne, Missouri .347/13 HR/67 RBI/14 2B/51 R/75 H

UT – James Hayes, Rider .336/1 HR/19 RBI/12 2B/52 R/80 H/37-44 SB;

                    3-2/11 SV/3.16/22 GP/0 GS/31.1 IP/26 H/20 BB/41 K
UT – James Jones, Long Island .309/5 HR/28 RBI/41 R/58 H/19-23 SB;

                    4-4/2 SV/4.91/14 GP/10 GS/51.1 IP/54 H/29 BB/61 K

SP – Danny Bibona, UC Irvine 9-3/3.08/20 GP/16 GS/102.1 IP/97 H/21 BB/97 K

SP – Kyle Blair, San Diego 8-4/3.86/16 GP/12 GS/74.2 IP/62 H/34 BB/99 K

SP – Sam Dyson, South Carolina 8-0/4.09/12 GP/9 GS/50.2 IP/43 H/28 BB/44 K

SP – Kyle Gibson, Missouri 9-4/2 SV/3.84/19 GP/12 GS/86.2 IP/86 H/23 BB/96 K

SP – Matt Harvey, North Carolina 7-2/2.79/19 GP/16 GS/67.2 IP/52 H/47 BB/80 K

SP – Tyler Lockwood, TCU 7-2/2.75/17 GP/11 GS/104.2 IP/97 H/15 BB/71 K

SP – Seth Maness, East Carolina 9-2/3.57/16 GP/15 GS/98.1 IP/99 H/20 BB/81 K

SP – Nick McCully, Coastal Carolina 10-3/3 SV/3.63/89.1 IP/84 H/27 BB/72 K

SP – Matt Ridings, Western Kentucky 10-3/3.88/16 GP/15 GS/97.1 IP/99 H/36 BB/98 K

SP – Thain Simon, Santa Clara 9-2/2 SV/2.59/20 GP/6 GS/62.2 IP/61 H/24 BB/71 K

SP – Jesse Simpson, Col.ofCharleston 9-3/6 SV/3.88/23 GP/7 GS/72 IP/71 H/28 BB/83 K

SP – Jerry Sullivan, Oral Roberts 9-2/3.88/18 GP/15 GS/104.1 IP/109 H/25 BB/108 K

RP – Louis Coleman, LSU 8-1/2 SV/1.95/23 GP/3 GS/55.1 IP/45 H/10 BB/62 K

RP – Jordan Conley, Xavier 2-2/10 SV/1.19/21 GP/0 GS/22.2 IP/20 H/9 BB/24 K

RP – Chase Dempsay, Houston 8-3/11 SV/2.53/33 GP/1 GS/64.0 IP/47 H/19 BB/49 K

RP – Jimmy Gilheeney, NC State 2-0/10 SV/1.12/21 GP/0 GS/32.0 IP/24 H/12 BB/42 K

RP – Kevin Rhoderick, Oregon St. 0-1/12 SV/2.39/20 GP/0 GS/26.1 IP/11 H/20 BB/32 K

RP – Travis Starling, Texas A&M 8-2/9 SV/3.70/28 GP/0 GS/48.2 IP/49 H/16 BB/40 K

RP – Josh Storm, Troy 2-2/12 SV/2.09/27 GP/0 GS/38.2 IP/29 H/13 BB/54 K

RP – Kyle Thebeau, Texas A&M 6-5/3 SV/2.12/33 GP/1 GS/76.1 IP/56 H/18 BB/37 K


(photos courtesy of UNC and SDSU Media Relations Office)