May 30, 2008


Regional Predictions

For fun, probably not for profit


Vegas has been waiting for these to post its lines.


CBI co-founders Phil Stanton and Sean Ryan make their fearless predictions, joined by previous CBI contributor and current stitch-head guru Eric Sorenson at


Ann Arbor Regional

Phil: Look for Michigan to protect the home turf and squeak past Arizona.


Sean: Congratulations Michigan, you get to host a regional. Your reward is a pair of talented Wildcats. That said, Big Blue moves on (barely).

Eric: Michigan. When I've been to see Arizona this year, they've either played really well and rather awful. Which team will we see this week? UMich will have to prove some national media freaks again.

Athens Regional

Phil: Georgia has never lost a regional or super regional at Foley Field, and this won’t be the first.


Sean: A bruising regional where Louisville could make some noise - again. Tough draw for Georgia and Georgia Tech having the Cardinals. The Dawgs bark on Sunday.

Eric: Louisville. For the second year in a row, the suddenly hot Cards have the magic. This time cold Georgia and underachieving Tech are the victims.

Baton Rouge Regional

Phil: LSU has won 20 consecutive games and should stretch it to 23 to advance to the Super Regionals.


Sean: LSU is as hot as Alex Box in August. The Tigers coast into the Super Regionals.

Eric: LSU. The NCAA isn't going to let LSU wear the gold jerseys. Like the Dallas Cowboys in their blue jerseys, I'm sure that means bad karma man. (If only I believed in karma)

Cary Regional

Phil: North Carolina has been so strong at home and should continue this weekend.


Sean: Tar Heels are looking for a third straight trip to Omaha. Don't see them
getting sidetracked on Tobacco Road.

Eric: North Carolina. I'll walk from L.A. to Chapel Hill, backward and with a Devo hat on my head, if UNC fails to make it out of this one.

College Station Regional

Phil: Texas A&M should dominate the competition in College Station.


Sean: UIC upset Long Beach State last year, and A&M isn't playing well. Not calling that upset, just making the point that A&M will struggle a bit but move on.

Eric: Texas A&M. I've struggled for two... maybe three hours over this one. How can I pick the Ags, who are colder than a nuclear winter. And especially since I saw Dallas Baptist look so impressive at USF two weeks ago. Shame on me.

Conway Regional

Phil: East Carolina could give Coastal Carolina a run for the regional title.


Sean: Another tough regional, as Alabama can make a little noise. I like it to come down to East Carolina and Coastal with the Chants finally moving onto Supers.

Eric: East Carolina. I don't know why, but I've never been sold on CCU. This is their chance to do just that. Til then, I'm on the ECU pain train.

Coral Gables Regional

Phil: Miami is a monster at home and should prevail.


Sean: Congratulations Miami, you're the No. 1 seed. Your reward, Missouri and Ole Miss. Canes still move on as the bats come up big late.

Eric: Miami. C'mon, you gonna listen to all those whacked pundits who cry about how tough of a regional field the Canes got? They'll win. And the Earth will still spin at the same spin it always has.

Fullerton Regional

Phil: UCLA has the talent to win, but Fullerton should hold serve at home.


Sean: Maybe the toughest call. I like Fullerton a lot, but will take UCLA to slip into the next round in on a wild weekend.

Eric: Cal State Fullerton. UVa? They're 5-10 in road games. UCLA? They've had a history of being owned by the Titans. Goodwin Field is Goodlose Field to these teams.

Houston Regional

Phil: Texas played well in the Big 12 Tournament and that should carry over to give the Longhorns the regional crown.


Sean: Rice has a tough test early, and something tells me Texas likes being the "underdog." Longhorns and Owls battle, with UT moving on.

Eric: Rice. Prediction: St. John's beats Texas in round one. Prediction 2: Rice cruises with its deeper flinging staff.

Lincoln Regional

Phil: UCI has enough pitching to advance past a young Nebraska squad.


Sean: This one could be a lot of fun. Huskers and Anteaters to play for it all. UCI stays alive.

Eric: UC Irvine. The Anteaters and the Huskers play a similar style. Only UCI does it better. But don't count out capable ORU either. They pulled the trick in '06.

Long Beach Regional

Phil: San Diego will challenge, but Long Beach State slips by.


Sean: Low scores abound. I could go with any of the top three but will give the edge to the arms of San Diego.

Eric: San Diego. If not for Rich Hill's surfing addiction making USD take a trip to Hilo and play Hawaii-Hilo, USD's RPI would be good enough to host a regional. I like the Torero arms here better anyway. 1-to-4, this is still the best regional field though.

Raleigh Regional

Phil: NC State has been overshadowed by the Big 3 in the ACC, but a solid Wolfpack squad should get by the challengers.


Sean: Pitching wins championships, unless you're South Carolina, where enough pitching and monster hitting help you move on against the Wolfpack.

Eric: South Carolina. Never been sold on N.C. State, with their over-inflated RPI and all. Say what you want about their high-draft pitchers, it's all about mental toughness. And the Gamecocks will have it this weekend.

Stanford Regional

Phil: Pepperdine should survive this balanced quartet.


Sean: Another wild regional. Put the teams in a hat and pull them out. I'll give the nod to the Waves.

Eric: Stanford. If - and this is a shaky if - the Trees get past UC Davis, who they've lost to twice this year, I think they'll make it through. Ya' know, can I change my pick to Pepperdine now?

Stillwater Regional

Phil: Wichita State should slip by Oklahoma State in a tight regional.


Sean: OSU at home will prove a little too tough for TCU and Wichita State.

Eric: Wichita State. Western Kentucky upsets OSU in round one and WSU's arms play up to snuff. Mean Gene storms on. Porn 'stash and all.

Tallahassee Regional

Phil: Florida State will protect the home turf and advance.


Sean: Gators bite a little, but the Noles at home are tough as nails. FSU escapes.

Eric: Florida State. Let's face it, FSU fans just want the Noles not to choke at home in the post-season again.

Tempe Regional

Phil: Arizona State rolls to the Super Regionals.


Sean: ASU has been one of the best in the nation all year. No reason to see that stopping, even with Vandy pushing the Sun Devils.

Eric: Arizona State. As long as the Devils make a deal with the Angels NOT to fall into the loser's bracket, they'll win out here. Hail Beelzebub and the 100+ temperatures they'll play in.