April 23, 2008


The State of College Baseball


Transfers, Scholarships, APR


Compiled by Patrick Hyde


Before the start of the 2008 season, CollegeBaseballInsider.com sent surveys to the nearly 300 college baseball head coaches in an effort to take the pulse of the game today. More than a third of the coaches responded. Over the next couple weeks, we'll reveal their answers ranging from the uniform start date and recruiting to the top programs in the country and the College World Series. CBI presents The State of College Baseball.

The NCAA announced in 2007 that would force college baseball coaches to offer a minimum of 33 percent for any baseball scholarship and limit rosters to 35 players (27 of whom could receive scholarship money). The percentage was dropped to 25 percent. Many coaches objected, arguing that the existing 11.7 scholarship system that can be distributed as coaches see fit worked just fine. In addition, the NCAA also said that college baseball transfers would sit out one year - like basketball and football - in the future.

The coaches said:

*   74 percent (69 of 93) agreed that D-I transfers should have to sit out a year

*   Yet, only 35 percent (33 of 93) said the minimum scholarship level is a good idea

*   76 percent (72 of 95) said the new scholarship rules will affect their programs

*   69 percent (66 of 95) said the new scholarship rules will change the way they recruit

*   We asked coaches what the scholarship limit should be, and their average response was 17.7 scholarships - six more than the current limit; of interest, only five of more than 70 coaches said the current limit of 11.7 was the appropriate limit - while most settled somewhere between 12 and 20, some went as high as 35 and 45.


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