Drew Davis is a fifth-year senior catcher - and three-year captain - for Elon. Davis, a native of Salisbury, N.C., was injured the opening weekend of the year in 2006 and missed the remainder of the season. Prior to his injury, Davis hit .327 with three homers and 44 RBI in 2005 and .351 with six homers and 51 RBI in 2004. He spent last summer playing for the Bourne Braves in the Cape Cod Summer League. Davis is taking advantage of his fifth year to earn a degree in business administration with a concentration in finance to go along with the accounting degree he expects to receive in May.


Feb. 2, 2007

Déjà Vu All Over Again


As a fifth-year senior, I get a second chance at my last season.


Lately it feels like time has stood still, which is somewhat of a paradox compared to the fall. Invariably every year we return from Christmas break and the month leading up to opening weekend feels like an eternity. I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day where I anticipate something different, but everyday is the same. I swear I have faced everybody on pitching staff at least 15 times. I’m just ready to face somebody with a different colored uniform.


I might want to be careful for what I wish for as we open up against ninth-ranked Virginia and play two very good teams in North Florida and Coastal Carolina in a tournament at Coastal. I have not gotten to the point where I’m losing sleep in anticipation, but I’m sure that will start in the upcoming week.


The week itself was a fairly busy one. We started classes last Tuesday for the spring semester, and no, we are not just now starting classes. We have a trimester at Elon, which means for the month of January, we have one class three hours a day. In theory, it keeps students on track to graduate and gives the non-athlete the chance to study abroad.


One of the biggest non-game days for the Elon program is Picture Day. This year was no different. It never fails: Some of the upperclassmen will work to get a laugh out of an underclassman mid-photo. I’m sure there will be a success in this year’s roster. As for myself, I’ve never been the most photogenic, so I’m sure this year will be no different. Hopefully, the ladies aren’t holding their breath in anticipation.


One of the perks of being a fifth-year senior is the light class load. The only class I really need is Advanced Managerial Finance, but I’m also taking Baseball Statistics and Personal Selling. I spent most of my time in class this week writing down different lineups, righty/lefty match-ups, moving guys around to different positions, accounting for different injury scenarios. You know…the important stuff.


The season is less than a week away; I’ve been complaining about how long it has taken to get here, and I’m sure a couple months from now, I’ll be complaining about where the season has gone.

Drew Davis

(photo courtesy of Elon Media Relations Office)