Joe Persichina is a junior middle infielder for Arizona State who will contribute a weekly journal to in 2006. Persichina, a native of Torrance, Calif., started 42 games as a freshman and was an honorable-mention all-Pac-10 selection after hitting .320 and fielding at a .985 clip. Last year, he started 28 games on the infield and hit the go-ahead homer - only the third of his career - that lifted ASU past Cal State Fullerton and into the College World Series.



Feb. 18, 2006

Trying to Turn Things Around


Well, we are three weeks into our season, and off to a slower start than we anticipated.


With three losses last weekend, we have put together an early record of 5-4. That doesn't scare me, because I know our team is great, and every great team faces adversity.


I think it's better that our team is faced with this problem now when it's early so we can come together as a team and learn how we must play to win. Once we find our groove, it's going to be tough to stop us. Until then, we are going to be a bunch of "nitty gritty" baseball rats who will fight and earn every win we get. No one's giving up on this squad; we have too much talent and too many guys who care.


This weekend, we will host Houston for a weekend series.


I know we are facing a few good pitchers, one lefty and two right-handers. I don't know what type of team they are, but I know they've got a great reputation and some big Texas arms.


I think this weekend is the start of 12 games we'll play against Texas schools, and I know our team is going to play with more of passion and hunger as we move forward.


We will have a little bit of a change this weekend. Coach Murphy will be coaching from the third-base coaching box. I think it will be good for our squad to have Coach Murph out on the field with us physically during the game. He's like a 10th man for us; his presence alone will help us out.


It should be a great experience with him at third. I had a late hitting session with him after practice last night, and I love the way he helps me focus on things that will make me successful. I'm excited to have him with us on the field.


I have been following the Winter Olympics every day this week, and I've been impressed with many of the performances. The thing that excites me the most is the level of competition. Rarely is there an athlete who is heavily favored in events; all of them seem to be in medal contention. If you show up, you have a shot at winning. Add some focus, confidence, and adrenaline, and you've got a shot at taking home a gold medal.


Our team will take the field tomorrow with the same focus and confidence looking to compete and win.


And to update my weekly fishing routine, let's just say I haven't been providing dinner for my roommates just yet. Maybe it's been too cold for the fish.

Joe Pa


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