Jon Mueller is in his seventh season as the leader of the Great Danes. After setting a school record with 37 wins in 2004, Albany finished 20-19 a year ago. Mueller, who played in the Northern and Northeast leagues from 1994-2000, will contribute a journal to for the second season.






April 5, 2006

Wait 10 Minutes if You Don't Like the Weather


Today’s game at Fairfield was washed because of snow, something we had more times in the last two weeks than most of March. Matter of fact, the Weather Channel mentioned possible snow for our conference opener this weekend?


Last night, I spent over four hours watching my daughter get filled with an IV for a case of dehydration. My assistant had a more serious challenge two weeks ago in Greensboro when his son Jack whacked his head and needed more serious attention. Two cases in one month is more than enough for our staff, but I am sure it will not be the last trip to the emergency room.


Last week, we entertained the Yale bulldogs for a weekend double-dip. John Stupor is a great guy, and he knows how to teach pitching. His guys always have good stuff, but have a better idea because of the knowledge John has tucked away in his head.


I have sat through many instructional settings listening to many guys talk about how to do things. Unfortunately many guys are limited in their own professional area, and therefore can only teach at a certain level. John has been to the top and has experienced what so many desire. He is a gentleman, and you would never know it.


We battled through a weekend split, and I was happy with the we battled, but I felt like we could have played better than we did. How many people said that over their Monday morning mud? We are now getting ready for the eight-week stretch of conference play.


This is when you put on your new tap shoes and gown. Practice is loose, and the scouting report of the enemy is tightened up by Tuesday so the presentation to the fellas is clear.


They just need to do the three things we all hope for.


Throw Strikes….Have quality at-bats…..Catch the ball….Do those things, and everything else will take care of itself. Doc Edwards told the group that back in ’96 when I was trying to win a spot as a walk-on for a professional team. I can remember trying to aim for the bus beyond the left-field fence, so when it got hit, everyone would know where it came from. At least they would have a harder time ignoring me if the bus kept getting hit.


During the Sunday morning affair, the weather began to enter the picture. It started to rain, then it started to turn to white hale, then it turned into pea sized pellets. I sat in the dugout while the hail peppered our guys in the field. It was first and third and no outs, and I said to myself “It must not be fun to be on the hill right now.” The umps called for the tarps, and we obliged.


Of course, in the northeast, the weather is like the hot girlfriend we all wished we had in high school, (some of you better looking guys did have them) they change with the blink of en eye. Matter of fact, by the time we had the tarps on, the sun came out. Imagine the sun shining, and the infield is covered with thousands of tiny pellets of frozen water???


The ump looked at me and said “PLAY BALL!!!!!!” He also said, “Heck Jon, you know how it is if you don’t like the weather… wait 10 minutes…”




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