Greg Lopez is a senior shortstop for Notre Dame who will contribute a weekly journal to in 2006. A native of Upper Arlington, Ohio, Lopez has been a mainstay on the Irish infield since he arrived in South Bend, starting 159 games and playing in 172 his first three years. Lopez, a two-time captain for Notre Dame, holds a 3.37 GPA as a double major in pre-professional studies and anthropology.




Feb. 24, 2006

Patiently Waiting


Hello College Baseball Fans,

My teammates and I are here at the University of Notre Dame waiting for our chance to get on the field. It is amazing that even after three years of playing here, the wait to begin the season is just as hard as ever to endure.

Anticipation for the season builds when we have our annual baseball kick-off dinner, which occurs about three weeks before our season begins. This is an exciting night for the team, mainly because of the incredible fan support. Each year, 1,700 fans come to meet the team, listen to the guest speakers and eat the best ballpark food. Since my freshman year, it has been a great experience meeting and getting to know fans that come to our games.

Having patience is hard at this time of the year. At this point, the pitchers and position players have faced each other for what seems to be a 100 times in scrimmages. As infielders, we’ve taken thousands of groundballs, and the outfielders have taken just as many pop flies. To say the least, we are prepared as a team for our opening weekend in Tennessee.

After our first practice outside this winter, we realized that all of our hard work this year is paying off. It is easy to see how dedicated the team is to winning by witnessing how intense our practices and our winter workouts have been. I am anxious to see how much our hard work has improved our play.

Even though waiting is hard to do at this time, it is a good period to take care of business in the classroom. We are expected to graduate in four years, so each player takes a full load each semester. I think this is a reason why we grow so close as a team because we go through the same hardships and make the same sacrifices on and off the field. Buckling down on school at this time is not what everyone wants to be doing but it pays off during the season, when time outside of baseball shrinks up.

This season is unique for me because I am a senior and it’s my last chance to suit up and play for the Irish - but, more importantly, it is my last chance to play alongside my fellow seniors and teammates. I think what makes Notre Dame so special is that the team becomes a family. It amazes me how much we help one another and keep each other in line, and because of this, I know everyone on this team is going to do everything he can to make this season as long and memorable as possible.

To all of the Irish fans out there, Notre Dame is ready to be road warriors.

Greg Lopez

(photo courtesy of Notre Dame Media Relations Office)