Mike Trapani is in his fourth year in the Georgia Tech program. As a sophomore, he filled in at third base when teammate Wes Hodges was injured and batted .419 with four homers and 17 RBI in 79 at-bats on the season. In high school, Trapani went 25-2 as starting quarterback at Marist School in Atlanta. He'll be checking in each week with reports on Georgia Tech and the Atlantic Coast Conference.



March 15, 2005

No Power Outage for Yellow Jackets


March 8: GT 17 William and Mary 9


Danny Payne and Jeremy Slayden led the way with four hits in this offensive rout. Slayden also hit two bombs in his first two at-bats. Let’s just say it was a great day to be a hitter at the Rusty C. The winds had to be around 25 mph. Tim Gustafson had his best outing of the year on the mound despite our poor defense. We had five errors during the game and still managed to pull out the win.


March 9: GT 17, Georgia Southern 6


We were able to put up another 17-run explosion on offense, but we still managed to make four more errors on defense. Fortunately, it didn't cost us either of the last two games. Ryan Turner got the win for us, and he is now 2-0. Slayden and Blackwood led the way with three hits, and Slayden also hit another bomb in this game. I've got to give a shout out to the midget mafia and the Flea unit (redshirt freshman catcher Nick Scherer) getting his first hit of the season. Flea laced a double in the right-center gap, and we all went crazy.


March 11: GT 15, Wake Forest 5


Another great display of offense as we put up 15 more against the Demon Deacons. The highlight of this game had to be Tyler Greene's inside-the-park grand slam. The left fielder just left the ball sitting at the base of the fence and tried to claim that it was stuck. The umpires ruled it wasn't, and Greene had an inside-the-park grand slam out of it. Jason Neighborgall pitched well for us again. He got into a few jams early but was able to battle out time after time. This was another very windy game in which many pop ups to right were flying out of the park.


March 12: GT 16, Wake Forest 14


Despite giving up 14 runs, we were still able to pull out the win. Brad Rulon and Tim Gustafson did a great job in relief for us putting out the fire and stopping their rally. "The American Idol," Jeff Kindel led the way offensively for us going 5 for 5. This was a great game for us to have even though it took forever to play. It was nice to see that we could basically just outscore somebody to win. It was just one of those days in which neither team could get out offensively, and we were fortunately on top in the end.


March 13: GT 16, Wake Forest 5


Blake Wood gave up four runs in the first inning and then found his groove, pitching all the way into the seventh. Once he settled down, Woody began mowing the Demon Deacons down. Whit Robbins ("T-W") led the way offensively for us with three hits and made some good plays at first base. Wes Hodges had a couple of great plays over at the hot corner, laying out and making backhands look easy. Kindel and Greene both hit monster bombs during the game. Kindel's shot was to dead center, and Greene decided to hit his second grand slam of the weekend about half way up the scoreboard. After he got back to the dugout, I made sure I reminded him that "he's my hero." I think I embarrass him every time I say it, but he just laughs and keeps balling out.


After a great week and going 5-0, we all decided to have some fun. A bunch of the guys all went out to eat together and then went over to some friends' house. Unfortunately, we have to go to class today, even though its our day off. I would love nothing more than to sit on my fat butt and be lazy all day. But I'll definitely be watching my weekly show of 24. If you have never seen it, go and rent the first season now because Jack Bauer is an absolute BAD A_ _! Great show and very intense.


Mike Trapani


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