Kyle Brown is a senior outfielder at Le Moyne of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference. In helping the Dolphins to last year’s NCAA Regionals in Wilson, N.C., Brown batted .338 with four homers, 24 RBI and swiped 25 bases in 27 attempts. Brown, from Schenectady, N.Y., was ranked 48th in Baseball America’s pro prospect list for the senior class. He is a sociology major and will provide insight from the Le Moyne program throughout the year.




Feb. 26, 2004

A Day in the Life: Lots to Do Before Hitting the Road


Feb. 25


When I start packing, the most important thing is my baseball equipment. That means a pair of practice pants, socks, sliding shorts, glove, bat, and the one necessity is your baseball hat. We have our practice hat and our game hat. If one does forget the game hat, the practice hat could be used.


We have new bags this year. We’re sponsored by Wilson this year, which gave us a brand new bat bag, our own personal bag and batting gloves. From years in the past, we’ve had a bat bag that one of our freshmen would have to carry off the bus to the playing field.


I’ll also pack a couple of pairs of jeans, some long- and short-sleeve T-shirts. The weather can be unpredictable in North Carolina on our break.


And tomorrow, I have many things to do that I was unable to accomplish today.


Feb. 26


The alarm goes off at 8:35 a.m.…This is the day we leave for North Carolina. I have been waiting for this day to come since the last game I played in over the summer. But before I can get on our bus and head south, I have many things I have to do today.


The reason I had to wake up so early was to finish my education poster on a book we read called “Faking It.” In my opinion, my poster came out really good. Then, after doing all the coloring and laying out my last details, I was off to do my laundry that I neglected the night before.


This is when I wish I was still at home and I could do some other stuff while my clothes were being washed by my mom or dad. But as many of us know, that is not the way it goes in college or in the “real world.” So I threw my clothes in the wash.


Then, it was a sprint to the cafeteria, where it had my favorite meal - seafood salad. I wish I had more time to eat because I love getting a second or a third helping. But that was not the case this day. One quick helping and I was off to the library to get some journal entries, so I read them and chose one to do a two- to three-page review of for my education math class.


So there I was in the library, just staring at the printer almost about to yell at it because it’s taking so long to print. Finally, it’s done. I quickly log of the Le Moyne computer and dash out the door to find my car, which was by the cafeteria. Now I say to myself: it’s off to do some studying for my gender and society mid-term. Back at my apartment, which is part of the Le Moyne campus, I sit down and start studying.


But then I think that I have to change my wash into the dryer so when I get out of class, I don’t have to do it before practice. MAN it’s a busy day! But there I was again, just looking over my notes. Now, it’s off to take my test.


Well, the test was hard! But I thought I did pretty good on it for the most part. Was I fully focused on my test when doing it? NO! But how many times do you leave to go down south to play baseball for the first time of the year? Especially when it’s your senior year.


Our bus leaves at 7 p.m. I’ll be there at 6:15 to ensure my senior spot in the back of the bus. I’ll set up my body pillow with my blanket and get real comfortable to endure that 12-hour trip.


We’ll arrive at our hotel between 8 and 9 a.m., after three to four stops along the way. They’ll switch bus drivers after a few hours, and we’ll eat a few times. Otherwise, I’ll try to sleep while movies and music are played.


The guys are saying there was some snow forecast for the upcoming days. But no matter what, we’ll be ready to play…. even if there are flurries come daytime. How bad can it be down there? They haven’t seen the winter weather that we had in their lives most likely.


I expect next week to be filled with many memories that my team and I will experience in my last spring break trip.


Kyle Brown


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